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COVID-19 Updates

April 24, 2020
April 3, 2020

April 3, 2020

Dear Families & Friends,                                                                                           04/03/2020

First and foremost, we want to thank all of you who have reached out with your heartfelt support. Many of you have provided valuable supplies that have made a difference in keeping our residents and staff safe.

Today our communities are embracing a new normal; not a normal that will last forever, but one that we must continue to cling to for now. We are continuing to do many 1-on-1 activities, including stretching, exercise, trivia, puzzles, crafts and most importantly, communicating. Some of the best things we’ve done in the last two weeks has been to just listen to our residents. Like all of us, our residents need to work through their fears, anxiety, and loneliness; we are here for that too!

In addition, our Activities Directors have been working above and beyond to help provide new ways to support the physical and social interactions to which our residents are accustomed. Here are a few examples that are beginning to take place and will continue throughout the next several weeks:

  • Live Outdoor Entertainment is back! We know how important music is to our residents and the routine it provides. So, we’ve brought it back in a new way, its sounds just as good but looks a little different… We are only utilizing our outdoor space, rotating residents and keeping strict compliance with social distancing. Entertainers are wearing masks and are a minimum of 40 ft from the residents.
  • Art, like music, is a powerful stimulant that keeps our brains active. Whether you’re creating art or just looking at it, we can all find enjoyment! Luckily, we are blessed with some great artists in our buildings, both staff and residents! Each day residents get the pleasure of viewing amazing artwork throughout the building and even voting for their favorites.
  • Community Bingo? While we continue to have small groups of bingo, it’s just not the same as with dozens of friends. We’re now bringing our residents Virtual Bingo! For residents who have a smartphone, we are setting them up to play Bingo with all their friends. 
  • Virtual Bible Study – We are working closely with several pastors and priests to provide Virtual Bible Study. Even if a resident doesn’t have a smartphone, we are working with our own technology to ensure our residents can maintain a strong connection to their faith.

These are just a small part of the things we are doing to keep life “normal” under these current circumstances.

Please keep our residents and staff in your prayers and best wishes. We continue to pull together in these tough times but it’s not without its challenges. Currently we don’t have any supply issues with food or other essential household items. However, we are very limited on masks and gloves. If any of you have extras you’re willing to share, we would very much appreciate it. As it always has been, our #1 focus remains the safety of our residents and staff. 

We will continue to post updates frequently. Please also check out our Facebook Page, Instagram and LinkedIn pages for frequent photos of our daily lives in the community and how we continue to stay positive throughout the quarantine.

Jason Reyes


March 18, 2020

March 18, 2020

Dear Families & Friends,

We thank you all for your support during the quarantine of our communities. We want to continue assuring you that we are taking all proper precautions that have been provided by the Health Department / (CDC), Department of Social Service, Governor, California Assisted Living Agency (CALA) and other Federal agencies.

PLEASE take us up on our offer to help Facetime, Skype or Zoom your loved ones! We have plenty of devices and staff to help setup calls. Keeping in close communication with your loved ones, will help everyone get through this tough time! Today’s technology allows us to come together, even if we are physically isolated. Let’s take advantage of that opportunity as much as possible.

We continue to modify and tweak our programs inside the community for the safety of all residents. Here are some updated changes that are taking place:

Residents continue to be asked to have all meals in their apartment (no charge for room service). However, for the time being, those residents who request the dining room are being accommodated based on a set time for each meal (like a restaurant reservation). This allows us to ensure no more than 1 person per table with a 6’ minimum between all residents during dining times.

All activities that have more than 10 residents are being cancelled. We will continue to have several activities per day in small groups. We are even coming up with new fantastic activities that draw the entire community together without physically being next to each.

Staff Health Checks – Before any staff officially begins there shift, we are asking as series of questions regarding specific locations they have visited since their previous shift. In addition to the screening we are also taking the temperature of each staff member before they begin. Anyone with a temp of 100.4 degrees or any staff who may have been in a potentially infected location will not be permitted to work. Management will work with any employee who is effected by this and will ensure they can be brought back into the community as soon as it’s safe for the residents and fellow staff members.

Calson Management is a Christian faith based business, we ask and welcome all prayers for our residents, staff and any others affected by this evolving situation.

We will continue to post more updates as they become available.

Jason Reyes | Calson Management, LLC
4950 Allison Parkway Suite F
Vacaville, CA 95688
C: 707-592-1157

March 17, 2020

March 17, 2020

Dear Cornerstone Family,

By this time, we hope to have spoken to each of you personally about your family member or loved one who is part of The Cornerstone community. As you now know, we are doing everything we can to protect the health and well-being of the most vulnerable age demographic that faces COVID-19. We Thank You sincerely for the trust you put in us.

Our desire is to keep you updated with any new developments, changes to our prevention measures and adjustments to our visitor policy surrounding the coronavirus.

Currently, there are no known instances of COVID-19 at Cornerstone by staff or resident. We continue to follow guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other health and government officials. Cornerstone’s top priority remains the health and well-being of your loved one, our residents, and staff.

Right now we are focused on prevention and exercising an abundance of caution as we continue to execute our infectious disease protocols to promote everyone’s safety. To that end we have modified our visitor’s policy and will implement the following changes effective March 17th 2020 at 5:00pm:

We are restricting all outside visitors and families to our communities until further notice…

Only our Cornerstone staff, healthcare professionals and government officials who are required to care for our residents will be allowed entry into the community.

·  On Sunday, Governor Gavin Newsom and Health care officials mandated that no family members can visit assisted living or nursing homes at this time except at end of life situations. We are adhering to this directive and will postpone family visits until the directive is lifted and more is known.

·  Administrators will be afforded discretion on visitors for residents at end of life to compassionately meet the needs of the family while promoting safety for others as well.

·  If your visit is approved by the Administrator, you will be required to wear a mask.

·  All visitors in these special circumstances will be subject to our screening protocols required for entry.      

Community Life…
Our team never ceases to amaze me with their commitment, resilience and creativity. I know in the coming days and weeks that those inventive minds will find new and unexpected ways to keep our residents engaged and connected. The families of our Cornerstone residents are 100% part of our community – now more than ever. I look forward to keeping in touch, and enabling our residents to feel your presence, love and support every day.

Please do reach out if you have additional questions or concerns. My door is always open.


Jason Reyes | Calson Management, LLC
4950 Allison Parkway Suite F
Vacaville, CA 95688
C: 707-592-1157